Lungfish – Baltimore 1991

So I did a really pleasant interview with a gentleman from the Chicago Reader yesterday about the Chris Thomson tape archive and he asked me about my own personal pack-rat proclivities. And you know what? I really don’t have many other than the tapes and records I have. Really. Honestly. I moved around so much that I whittled things down to the bare essentials.

And that takes me to this Lungfish live tape. When I lived in York, PA from ’87 to ’91, I went to DC, Philly and Baltimore A LOT for shows. I think I saw Lungfish around this time three times (I was obsessed with "Necklace of Skulls" at the time), and I don’t know why I recorded this particular show and not the others, but so be it.

After almost 20 years of keeping this out of circulation (and surveying people’s reactions from Twitter), I thought it about time to let people hear it. So here you go, Lungfish recorded off the board at the Hourhaus in Baltimore on June 5, 1991. I remember the venue was quite a dump, but the show itself was incredible.


Lungfish – Baltimore 1991