Les Savy Fav vs. Team Chunklet

So after five years of lurking at big fancy festivals and becoming more popular than they ever did when they actually DID tour, Les Savy Fav came back to a hero’s welcome at the EARL and Whirlyball Atlanta this past weekend.

Of course, the shows were spectacular, but the real excitement was left for when Team Chunklet (consisting of myself, Marc C., Patrick S., Armando C. and Teasley) had the whirlyball rematch with Les Savy Fav. And yes, the Favs opted for skins (as you’ll see in the photos).

Syd, Andrew & Harrison under the board after the first match….

I gotta say, the band put up quite a struggle. The first game was a bit of a routing 20-4), but the second game had the band reconfigure their defense which worked significantly better (12-8). All in all, a valiant effort.

Oh, and did I mention that the Fav fucking brought it on stage?! Good god, the five piece line up has done wonders for them.

I should also add that the special "Whirlyball Version" of "Let’s Stay Friends" all but disappeared. I have ten copies left for sale in the store for super fans who couldn’t attend.

Seth and Harrison from LSF basking in the lights of their second loss.

Local rock-athletes The Liverhearts opened the Whirlyball gig and were a fantastic addition to the night’s festivities. And yes, we decimated them as well (18-0).

Fucked Up were to go up against us on Monday, but they flaked out. Pussies.

Special thanks to Daryl, Luke, Caroline and everybody at Whirlyball Atlanta, Marc Crifasi (for working the door), Curt Wells (for running sound), Papa Johns (for the four large pizzas), The Liverhearts (for being so goddamned rad) and everybody that came out. It really was a gas.

Matt from Team Liverhearts….he got spanked!