Ladyfinger – The Long Fabled Demo (With Pen Rollings…on Drums?!)

I think the assertion could be made that Pen Rollings is a living, walking, breathing anomaly. He went from one influential band (Honor Role) to another (Breadwinner) and had a band in between (Butterglove). And that all ended in ’92. Read all about this powerhouse guitarist in this definitive Chunklet article.

So that takes me to Ladyfinger. In early 1994, at the Shoebox in Athens, Ladyfinger played. The only thing anybody knew about the band was that Pen played drums and that Sean from Butterglove was also in the band. There were probably 50 people there and everybody either bought a shirt or a cassette tape that they were selling.

I really know absolutely nothing else about this band. They were great. They were short lived. They were…..well, an anomaly. Just like Pen.

Thanks to my buddy Gus Engstrom in Charlotte, I’m presenting you with the LF demo tape along with a couple additional tracks that he got from a fellow in Hex Machine outta Richmond. Since I can only post a maximum of ten tracks per blog posting, here’s a link to all 13 tracks via sendspace (for a limited time).

Track 1 (demo) – Ladyfinger

Track 2 (demo) – Ladyfinger

Track 3 (demo) – Ladyfinger

Track 4 (demo) – Ladyfinger

Track 5 (demo) – Ladyfinger

Track 6 (demo) – Ladyfinger

Track 7 (demo) – Ladyfinger

Track 8 (demo) – Ladyfinger

Track 9 (demo) – Ladyfinger

Track 10 (demo) – Ladyfinger