Keepin’ It Classy: A.C. Style. Song Title Contest!

Its time has come. In the comment section name your favorite Anal Cunt song title of all time. If yours is picked as the, uh, ‘winner’(?) – then you shall receive your choice of either a Jimmy Eat World 7” or a Mighty Mighty Bosstones 7”. I know what you’re thinking; "what do those bands have to do with A.C.?" NOTHING! If any of it made sense, it’d be less fun. How will the winner be chosen? Hell, I don’t know. We’ll read them all and it will dawn on us like a light switch being hit – BOOM, that’s the "funniest" one. But wait, there’s more. We have rules and they must be followed:

red on black attack

Rule 1. Must be a real, non-augmented/edited A.C. tune.
Rule 2. All comments must be just the song title. None of this "I saw AC back in 1993 at basement show" crap. Please, no stories/commentary. Keep things on track and moving.
Rule 3. No lists. ONE song per comment/poster (Sorry Oliver, et, al.) -and don’t try that fake name maneuver, we can spot that crap. Besides, just be cool & don’t ruin that sport of it all. Take your time, pick wisely, and hope for the best. And watch out that you don’t repeat an already selected A.C. gem. (And yeah, it’s a web search nightmare…or dream?) Plus, need we mention, it’s just a joke, relax, have fun.

This Just In!
HUGE PRIZE WINNER NEWS! – who ever the lucky soul is that takes home the Championship to this sucker will now receive :(GET THIS!)
***To dream up a song title for AxCx/Seth to record.
(given it’s not completely over the top, I can’t be part of that.)
***Their name in the liner notes.
***And a free copy of the record. (7" I believe?)
So, you still have to select a REAL A.C. tune as your entry (there are only a few hundred left…) & some folks are repeating ones, so watch it. And now not only could you win an incredibly insipid 7" – but have a shot at true immorality/
Immortality !