Jackie Starr

"Jackie Starr…..that’s two r’s, dude…."

After reading a review of this in the sorely missed Feminist Baseball, I contacted it’s writer/publisher Smitty to get a copy of this completely wacked out tape that sounded completely demented and/or infatuating. Subsequently, I swear, in the summer of ’94, I listened to this tape more than was probably necessary.

The tape’s provenance is somewhat unclear. However, as it was told to me, this was a call made by some crew member for the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in ’92 or ’93 in between tours. Obviously, anybody with a better back story is more than welcome to enlighten.

The tape is terrifically self-explanatory, but in a nutshell, Jackie Starr calls up a bass player wanted ad and keeps the victim on the phone for over 25+ minutes of delusional rantings about his looks, his chops, and his Ampeg acoustic amp. Of course, in the early nineties, the death of hair metal made calls like this a pleasure. If they were done now, I’m sure it’d be a call revolving around My Chemical Romance who are, by default, this generation’s Poison. Or at least this generation’s Hanoi Rocks with less talent and worse make-up.

Jackie Starr LP (right) + the puppy Bun E. (left)

Imagine my surprise when I was on a record buying afternoon on St. Marks during the Mr. Show tour when I came across a vinyl copy of this tape. My copy’s numbered 69 out of 100, but who the hell knows with these things? Spending $12.99 for this was a pleasure.

While I’m thinking about the Blues Explosion, does anybody know where I can snag mp3’s of the "Reverse Willie Horton" LP?

Jackie Starr