Interview – Overrated Tour!

From the Nashville Rage. God, what a fun time I had this past weekend! Thanks to Grimey’s, the folks at the Basement, CD Alley, Lunchbox Records, Earshot Records and all the mofos that decided having me scribble in their book was a wise idea. Midwest dates are this coming week. Come on out and keep me entertained! Thanks to Philly Boy Roy, Charles, Walsby, Gus, Mike, Scott, Brian, Chris, The Disease, Cecillia, Eric, Kelly, Garland, Kingsbury Manx peeps, the effin’ amazin’ puppet show, Anna, Tbag and Mer, Hog Heaven BBQ, Cheerwine, Diet Pepsi, Hummers, Carburritos, and most especially, the 5-toothed inbred in the Smoky Mountains that couldn’t explain why my hotel reservation wasn’t showing up on their computer. No really, I don’t mind driving another 50 miles. No really, go to a dentist. Find out you like candy. Anyway, again, thanks to everybody. I can’t wait to do that trek again! (note: the drive from Nashville to Chapel Hill is 11 hours! I’ll know that the next time!)

Fun record scores for under $6? Quite a bunch! A perfect copy of the Poison Idea Sub Pop single, Live Skull Dusted, Major Stars Distant Effects, Bastards Monticello and a replacement copy of Neil Young’s On The Beach. Whee!

Most played song on my iPod? Thee Speaking Canaries.

I Wear Glasses In The Most Brutal Sport Ever Invented