In Honor Of Hallowe’en: The Misfats (The World’s Most Corpulent Misfits Cover Band)

So over the past couple weeks, I’ve been talking with a one Teddy Leo about a Misfits cover band that he’s participating in tonight at Johnny Brendas called (wait for it)….TV Casualty.

Without question, The Misfits are inextricably tied to Hallowe’en. Additionally, this past week, I have seen all my Chicago friends photographed inside Corey Rusk’s Misfits coffin as T&G moves? Anyway, I digress.

Crunches? Seriously?

I seem to listen to this EP every three or four months just outta shock value and thought I’d share it: The Misfats. Yes, you heard it right. The world’s biggest Misfits cover band. I think their site does a better job of explaining their position than I ever could. Just brace yourself.

The Misfats called it quits last year and so now I feel completely comfortable in posting their entire EP seeing as how they’re not selling it any more. Enjoy!

The Misfats – Hungry Moments

The Misfats – Don’t Open That Mayonnaise

The Misfats – Last CarButterCass

The Misfats – Mommy, Can I Go Out And Grill Tonight?

The Misfats – Private Bidness

The Misfats – Butter

The Misfats – Last Carcass