I Went To Nashville (And All I Got Was A Yow Boot To The Head & A Bloody Nose)

So the first North American show by The Jesus Lizard in over ten years. How was it? Well, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a borderline religious experience. It was my first sighting of Bernie T. Fan (nee Bahrmasel) at a show in over 10 years. It was the night I got to see the sleeves to the reissues coming out this fall (which look stellar, by the by). It was the first time I had my heart crushed by not being credited for a scan (insert semi-tongue-in-cheek frowny face emoticon here). Yow even recounted a couple off-color remarks he made about Sunn O))) in Europe. Classic. It was the best of times. It was the blurst of times. Wait. What?

The Jesus Lizard at The Exit/In, Nashville c Mike White

I was able to convince Chicago (via Alabama and Pittsburgh respectively) buddies Adam and Pat to come down for a show by the Lizard the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed. In a small dank, dirty club. Pals from Georgia were dotted all over the club. Various folks from North Carolina, Kentucky and even Texas were there! Hell, I met a guy who came in from Australia who was kind enough to give me AA batteries for my recorder!

But the band’s set? I mean, come on. There’s any level of hyperbole that could be used, but let’s just leave it by saying the set was perfect. Close to an hour long set and a 15 minute encore. I mean, really? What could there be to complain about? All hits, no misses, one morbidly obese bouncer on stage falling on his ass (classic!), and only a couple (non-important) errors.

The Jesus Lizard at The Exit/In, Nashville c Mike White

I swear that Yow was singing directly to me for a good 1/3 of their set. Staring me directly in the eyes. God, it was incredible. Towards the end of their set (prior to the encore) Yow leapt over me and I got his boot heel square in the top of my skull. While I was catching my wits, his boot came back around and swept me in the nose. Blood everywhere. I had to sit in the back just to not pass out, but hey, it’s a Jesus Lizard gig. Eggs get broken. And sure, sometimes noses. Deal with it.

I was able to set up my recorder and let it run during the show and I’m offering up that as a gift to all of you. It’s on a sendspace link, so hopefully it’ll stay up longer.

Adam, Pat and I are already plotting for the west coast (with Killdozer?!?!), deep south and mid-Atlantic gigs. Now who’s with me?

POSTSCRIPT: Here’s a link to a page of nothing but Michael Jackson death jokes. Beat jokesmith David Yow to the punch at their next gig.

All photos by Mike White.

Duane Denison at The Exit/In, Nashville c Mike White