I Need That Record!

So Record Store Day is this coming Saturday and it’s becoming evident that things are taking a decided downturn in the record store biz. Yeah, I’m sure many people that read this blog know to support your local record store, but do you really KNOW what it means?

Anyway, this documentary is being released shortly called "I Need That Record" which chronicles this decline of which I speak. This is the trailer, but if you click here, here and here, you can see other clips. The one about Trash American Style (TPOS to those in the know) was particularly heart breaking especially to those of us who shopped there routinely.

The movie has obligatory interviews with Thurston Moore (keeping his promise to be in every documentary ever), Mike Watt, Brian Poole (giving Athens bootleg lords a shout out!) and a coterie of other luminaries including….Noam Chomsky (!?!?!).

I can’t speak for you, but I’m anxious to see this movie hit screens this summer.

Oh, and on Saturday? Go buy something at your local indie record store.