Human Zoo (Bloodstains Across Chunklet)

What’s better than a band that makes ONE record? One that makes a single, single, perhaps. But in 19&86 the giant industry behemoth Hospital Records unloaded this little nugget of Ohio punk rock history. And as I was taught  in 2nd grade, sharing is caring. So, care the fuck outta’ this one.

ah, black & white 80’s punk cover art, makes me teary

This glorious chap is lead singer Bevo (Ruzsa) who was joined by Karl Meyer, Dan Leonard, and Mr. William Weber – who went onto such lows (that’s a compliment) as to sling guitar for GG Allin as a Murder Junkie.


I was going to post the whole thing, but then I decided to have a nice sandwich. (btw…don’t let the gentle intro fool you, this baby rips!)

HUMAN ZOO – July July (1986)