Hey Kid, Need A Virgin Prunes Test Pressing With Minor Ring Wear?

So the smoke has settled from 14 boxes coming in the front door and so now I can actually let the cat out of the bag. For at least the next few months, I’ll be selling approximately 1,500 records for Corey Rusk.

Check ’em out here.

The “boxes” of “stuff” (labradoodles sold separately)

Just to nip gossip in the bud, Corey’s selling these records thru me because he simply doesn’t have the time and he knows that I’m an eBay seller with a lot of experience. Additionally, he’s not doing this for any other reason than to free up space because, well, he’s moving from the T&G building and will not have a warehouse to just leave these nuggets to collect dust. Here’s the boiler plate provenance that’s included with each listing:

"My friend Corey Rusk, who runs Touch and Go Records, has been cleaning out his storage space and has realized that he really doesn’t have any more room for the all doubles and triples of many of the rare records in his collection.  He’s busy running Touch and Go and doesn’t have the time to deal with selling his extras… but they do need to go.  So he asked me to help him sell them off.  And of course, as a long time friend of Corey and and fan of Touch and Go Records (along with being a 10+ year eBay seller with a perfect feedback rating of 1600+), I jumped at the chance.  So that is the origin of  the record in this auction."

There’s absolutely ZERO shortage of incredible records in these boxes. Tons of hardcore, postpunk and noise rarities. Oh, and test pressings and rare editions of Touch & Go releases, too. As a fan of Corey’s last 25 years of work, it’s a true pleasure to sift through everything. Now the work can begin.

Click here and shop away.
Oh, and feel free to pass this along. These auctions aren’t s’posed to be a secret. I’ll be posting new items every Sunday unless I’m out of town.