HEADLINE: Lord Kills Paperboy!

There’s no shortage of "songs" such as this, but this one really busted my gut. What we have here is a prime example of a regional el’ pee that never made its way out of the mid-west…(not that it had aspirations to in the first place).

Here’s the quick thumbnail on this sucker:
1. Jimmy, our innocent paperboy lives in an unnamed big city in the "North"
*Got it? Sinners, swingers, dope fiends, vagabonds, ya know, Jews & liberals.

2. Mom & Dad party a lot! They have forsaken poor Oliver, er, I mean Jimmy.
Mom and Pop are all of the above* most likely because living in the North your kids are left to fend for themselves with paper routes to buy Twinkies and soda to live on. Get lost Jimmy! Can’t you see we got fresh Quaaludes here!

3. Jimmy meets a preacher who is just kind of a dick? Nice pew side manner there douche bag. The J-man would be really proud of you. You should be washing this kids feet for crying out loud. Not busting his chops about his "prayer method".

4. Hi, Jimmy….this is Mr. Truck.

At first glance I thought it was an Elliott Smith bootleg.

“Jesus, This Is Jimmy”