Harvey Milk’s “The Pleaser” Goes Double Gatefold!

One of the greatest classic rock albums of the last twenty years is being put out on double album gatefold by l’il ol’ Chunklet in the next month. Go get it over here….

Get It Up & Get It On……

All the original color photos were dug up, retouched and relaid out. The inner gatefold has all color pix from the original CD tray. Absolutely essential.

Out by end of May 2008.

AND!!!! In honor of the occasion, here’s an 18 minute clip of Harvey Milk’s final performance back in ’98. Yeah, yeah, yeah, the final performance before the reunion, but it was still a final show. Pleaser line-up, everybody super smashed, probably the best show I’ve ever seen (still) to this day.

We wanted to use this recording for the "Anthem" DVD, but we were worried about copyright issues. Special guests include Chris Lopez (Rock*A*Teens….who opened), Dave Barbe (who recorded "The Pleaser") and Dewitt Burton (who’s a legend). Yeah, it’s not the best fidelity, but it’s the only version that exists. Enjoy!

Harvey Milk – End of ’98 show