Harvey Milk/Tenement Halls posters

I’m sure that is appearing like a Harvey Milk shrine right now, but you know what? That’s okay. 10 years after breaking up, they’ve released a new album, a single,  had one CD reissued and a DVD put out in a span of two months! Oh, and they’re also playing three Chunklet sponsored shows at the end of October! I know, it never seems to end.

by h2o, crb and soma

Tickets are on sale right now which, if I were a bettin’ man, I would buy now because well, it’ll easily sell out…..
Doing two different versions of this poster. The above poster was a collaborative effort with Stephen O’Malley. The lower one is a collaboration with Zach Hobbs outta Tennessee. Both were hella fun.
Now is also a good time to pine about the merits of one of Atlanta’s sorely underappreciated bands, The Tenement Halls.

by h2o, crb and zach hobbs

I’m sure many of you might remember me blathering about Chris Lopez’s earlier band The Rock*A*Teens in Chunklet, and some of you might remember when Stephen Tanner (from Harvey Milk) and Lopez were in Seersucker together around 1991. Ah, Seersucker. Those were the days. Chris’ post-Dirt noise project before he started up the RATS and damned if they weren’t a masterpiece between the two extremes of Dirt’s scree and the RATS Phil Spector-inspired pop. Wait, was that really fifteen years ago? Anyway……
Chris has definitely settled down in recent years. Chris doesn’t resort to getting shit-hammered drunk before going on stage. Bought a house. Got married. Now has a baby son named Guthrie. Things are great. And you know what? It shows in Tenement Halls. Clearly. I’m including 2 mp3s of Seersucker and two live mp3s of Tenement Halls before they even had a record out playing at the EARL a few years back. Such lovely racket. I couldn’t imagine it coming from anywhere other than my fair state of Georgia.



Tenement Halls-My Wicked Wicked Ways (live Atlanta ’04)

Tenement Halls-Charlemagne (live Atlanta ’04)