Harvey Milk “My Love” & “Courtesy” Vinyl Release! is proud to announce the release of two herculean Harvey Milk albums on double vinyl.

First up is Harvey Milk’s "My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment of What My Love Could Be". Yes, this is the first time it has been issued on vinyl. Early purchases are rewarded with a special color that is available only for the first hours of its release.

This is ground zero for one of the nineties’ last true cult bands; now legendary for churning ghostly wailings, unearthly bellows, and gentle whispers together into one soaring, crawling, ugly and beautiful blend of brilliance. My Love… is essential listening for all fans of hard and heavy post-rock, and stands as the official starting point for your Harvey Milk education.

And next up is Harvey Milk’s "Courtesy & Good Will Toward Men".

Recut and remastered by Masterphonics. Repressed on two 180g dark grey 12" records. Exquisite jackets and insert letterpressed, die cut and embossed at Interrobang in Massachusetts. The epic "Courtesy & Goodwill" double album is being reissued in a third edition of 500. There’s only about 300 available for sale.

"Brutally heavy, painfully slow, and heartbreakingly beautiful! Amazing double LP of slow motion dirge and obfuscated experiments in rhythmic tension swaddled in old school Melvins style pummel, interspersed with the occasional whisper of a song, delicate and lilting. Even at its intended speed, it almost sounds like you’ve accidentally set a 78 on the turntable and set the controls for 16rpm. Epic and absolutely essential." — Aquarius Records

Get ready to have an awesome fall with these incredible albums in your collection.

The Chunklet 15th Anniversary is next weekend in Athens with Mastodon, It’s Casual, Brian Posehn, Deerhunter, Gentleman Jesse & His Men, Twin Tigers and Brent Weinbach at the world famous 40 Watt Club! DON’T MISS OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, the Zach Galifianakis/Ted Leo 7" is being pressed this week and will ship very shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.