Hardcore Punk Packrat Unloads On eBay

There’s nothing I like more than browsing eBay for shit that I clearly don’t need and about five days ago, I hit paydirt! Jeff Nelson (drummer for Minor Threat, High Back Chairs, 3, et al./pre-computer typographer bad ass/half owner of Dischord Records/overall decent dude/Iraq war hater) is selling boatloads of primo 80’s relics from his own personal collection. Many gorgeous silkscreened posters, Dischord rarities and even Minor Threat and Bad Brains flyers all in pristine shape. It is a bummer that their price tags are now far out of my price range because his design and silkscreen work is exceptional especially considering it was done in an age before computers. And who wouldn’t want a poster showcasing a show with 3, Happy Go Licky and Bastro? Jeez louise!

Drummers like Jeff Nelson always make the best packrats!

Additionally, Jeff’s background information on each piece he’s selling is informative, insightful and, at times, amusing. He includes histories of silkscreening and even the provenance of each piece. A great relief from work for a few minutes to read the stuff.

A legendary sample that’s on the choppin’ block…

In honor of this, I’m including a live Minor Threat show from this bootleg I snagged that was a split with The Faith. Of course, the between song banter is priceless.

Minor Threat – In My Eyes (live)

Minor Threat – Small Man Big Mouth (live)

Minor Threat – It Follows Me (live)

Minor Threat – Bottled Violence (live)

Minor Threat – Look Back And Laugh (live)

Minor Threat – Straight Edge (live)

Minor Threat – Filler (live)