Hackamore Brick: Another 1 & Out From 1970

The Hackamore Brick did the right thing. They made one-single-solitary album in 1970 (One Kiss Leads To Another ) then vanished off the face of the earth. The guys will always carry the tag as “Velvet Underground Light” and for good reason. But even a “light version” of the VU is better than 88.6% of indie bands out there today.

the thumb of rock!

Hackamore Brick deserve a proper CD reissue given how incredibly hip their name has become to drop & well, how darn good the record is. I believe some U.K. label put out a disc at one point – but of course a US label couldn’t be bothered. Any-hoo, I thought a nice sampling of my LP would be good to share.
(even included a cover of the Coasters’ tune “Searchin” – from a 45).

back covers of LP’s are hard to find

Oh, Those Sweet Bananas

Someone You Know

Zip Gun Woman