Guess What Rock Dude Owns This…

Had breakfast with good buddies Pdex and Stephen Sowley in Chicago on Saturday morning while I was on my way to promote the Rock Bible all over the midwest.

I jokingly said I’d run into somebody I knew within an hour. It only took ten minutes and it was former Pennsylvanian and current Blue Man Noah Leger (bad ass drummer from the criminally underrated Hurl and criminally insane Thee Speaking Canaries).

Over coffee, pancakes, bagels, I found out that a certain Chicagoan owns a PT Cruiser which made me bust a gut. Guess who it is and win a Zach/Ted Leo 7". No foolies.

Choice wheels, brah….

Would you believe I bought barely any records in Chicago, but loaded up with an entire crate in Cincy? I also had the score of the month in St. Louis with a handful of rare versions of Drunks With Guns and Strangulated Beatoffs 7"s. Damien from Fucked Up chatted with me earlier today and said "That was YOU that bought those?". Apparently he was at Vintage Vinyl mere hours after me and was told by the staff that somebody (me) had just cleaned them out. Score!