Good News Of The Month: Speedo & Kourkonis Together Again

Not one for being a total gossip hound, but the core of Hot Snakes are joining forces again with Gar and some dude from CPC Gangbangs.

Not sure what to think of having a Canuck in the band (see below), but I’m sure it’ll be great if not amazing.

You heard it here first.

In honor of this awesomeness, I’ve included some live tracks of Hot Snakes a few years back at a show I put on with them.

Hot Snakes – Hate The Kids (Athens ’02)

Hot Snakes – Salton City (Athens ’02)

Hot Snakes – Bullet Train To Vegas (Athens ’02)

Hot Snakes – Live (Atlanta ’02)

Hot Snakes – Live2 (Atlanta ’02)

Hot Snakes – Live3 (Atlanta ’02)

Hot Snakes – Live4 (Atlanta ’02)