Fun On Stage With Bob Weston IV of Shellac: Part 2 (+ Bonus EP)

So that first part of the Bob Weston Q&A double album got around, huh? From what I can gather, comments ranged from "comedy gold" to "unbearable" so I guess the properly gauged reaction is nestled somewhere there in the middle, wouldn’t you say?

In Portugal pt1, courtesy of Clint Conley

"I can answer your question if you take back the photo of my bruised ass." So sayeth Bob earlier today when I contacted him about an unrelated mastering related question. And well, if anybody is to blame for that photo, all eyes should wander to his lovely wife, Carrie, who presented said photo to us. Do you know not of what I speak? Well, when the mp3 for this second part of the Bob Weston ‘comedy album’ pops up in iTunes, you’ll know exactly what I’m talkin’ about. Personally I think it’s hilarious, but no take-backs. Sorry ’bout that.

And without further ado, here’s part two!

In Portugal pt2, courtesy of Clint Conley

After more than a couple people got in touch with additional recordings, our dutiful audio editor pasted together a ‘bonus’ EP mostly focusing on Bob’s fellow bandmate Steve who (among other incidents) unleashes vitriol to hipsters in Brooklyn and extols fatherly advice to elementary school kids in North Carolina.

It’s short. It’s sharp. And it’s a perfect companion piece.

And although I already said this, thanks to Bob and the rest of Shellac for being such good sports.


Bob with his ‘drank’, courtesy Carrie Weston

Shellac – Fun With Bob pt 2

Shellac – Bonus EP