Fucked Up Hit Georgia

So Fucked Up came back to Georgia (finally) last Sunday night. And yes, they destroyed.

As far as hardcore Sunday night bills go, it was pretty damned top notch. American Cheeseburger from Athens, The Bukkake Boys (who have the best t-shirt design in the history of anything, hands fucking down) and one of those supposed "last" Carbonas shows.

Fucked Up played all the jams off the new Matador release and even closed with a Chain Gang song!

Pink Eye with David Lee Roth, Chunklet HQ 2009

Fucked Up spent the next two nights at the house, and since I didn’t take any pictures of them while they were performing on stage……I’m giving you photos of them in my living room checking their email, having a band meeting and/or cuddling my dogs.

an impromptu Fucked Up band meeting in my office, I had to leave…..

I really hope Fucked Up comes back soon. Absolutely brilliant show.

And so you know, this recording was done by Mr. Curt Wells and is put up on the site completely with their permission. Thanks you kooky Canucks (and Curt too).

Oh! And be sure to check out Damian (Pink Eye)’s blog where all he does is smack talk 10000 Marbles, one of three guitarists in the band…..

NOTE: Yes, all the eye-chart posters are long gone. Sorry, I wish I could help you….

Jonah & Damian raiding the music on my computer….

Fucked Up – Atlanta January 2009