Frantix – 1983 Rehearsal Footage!

Bumpin’ around the internets looking for something or another I came across this fantastic footage of Frantix rehearsing in a basement. They peel off 3 songs in under 4 minutes (minus their KBD classic "My Dad’s A Fucking Alcohlic"). Frantix would manage a couple of 7"s and demo tape in their time. Then some key members would show up later in another great Denver band…yep, The Fluid. Anyway, I thought it was rad. And no, I wasn’t there in any way, shape or form.

(Duane Davis, of camera owership, was of WAX TRAX RECS. & KFML in Denver. Good of him to hit the ‘record’ button, wasn’t it? )

Flyer from their 1st show ever. 198?