FOX Sports Writer Mistaken For Positive Force Member

What? He couldn’t cram in Nation of Ulysses, Ignition or Jenny Toomey?

Directly from FOX sports:
23. Redskins: It’s no surprise that there’s some unrest among the Redskins fans. They put all their eggs in the Joe Gibbs basket, and the faith was not rewarded. I’m sure Daniel Snyder will try to solve the problem by throwing money at more free agents; it’s one of the NFL’s most predictable rites of spring. Which overrated wide receiver will the Redskins embrace this year? I shudder to think. Look at the make-up of this team, and you’ll realize that the Redskins will always be a minor threat unless they can build some depth. There’s really only one word to describe this franchise right now: fugazi.

Thanks to Ned for this.