Drunks With Guns

I was recently talking to a friend of mine that works in the music biz who, when growing up, lived in Missouri. When she stated her joy and shock that Drunks with Guns were from her fair state and that she’d never heard of them before, I knew it was time to post this cassette I’ve had for a few years.

DWG tape case…..

Now, I certainly don’t consider myself a DWG authority by any stretch. Mike Dosckocil was considered (at least by me and a few of my friends) the main force behind the band and was inarugably a nihilist character driving this band that perfectly encapsulated dark midwestern punk rage in the mid to late ’80s. To be honest, I don’t know much else other than what regular Chunklet contributor Jordan Mamone has written for Trouser Press and that is still an awful lot to absorb.

Reflecting upon this, it irks me that contemporary punk bands by and large ignore bands like DWG or even more visible sociopathic rock like Halo of Flies claiming it’s produced too much like everything else at that time and sounds "dated". Such idiots….. Also, I feel it necessary to go out on a limb here and say that Pennsylvania’s Pissed Jeans are slowing taking the rightful crown that DWG once wore.

There’s a total of 10 tracks on this tape, but I tried to avoid including material that I’ve heard on other blogs or are already on CD. Enjoy this tape and revel in the anti-fidelity.

Drunks With Guns – Zombie

Drunks With Guns – Punched In The Head

Drunks With Guns – Leprosy

Drunks With Guns – Hellhouse

Drunks With Guns – Drunks Theme

Drunks With Guns – New Wave

Drunks With Guns – Bloodbath