Dove (ex-Floor) Gets A Vinyl Reissue!

It seems fitting that with the reunion shows of Floor nibbling at my heels that another kick-ass piece of the Florida rock puzzle is being put into place.

Dove were a three-piece fronted by Floor drummer Henry Wilson who were often times unfairly compared to High on Fire, but I just always considered them the Zep-fueled bastard baby brother band of Floor. I only got to see them perform a couple of times (and they killed it both times), but considering they only had one self-released CD and a split single with Floor to their name, I think they did mighty okay for themselves in such a short period of time.

In 2005, Dove was to open up for a reunited Harvey Milk at the EARL, but they broke up shortly before. Such a pity. They were cranking out new jams at an alarming pace and even though it devolved into three long-haired dudes playing shirtless on stage, it was really a sight to behold. No homo.

And now, five years later, the fittingly-named label Financial Ruin has really out-done themselves with a spectacularly packaged LP of Dove’s self titled release. A lovely silkscreened outer sleeve, LP jacket, a mess of reproduced flyers, a handful of stickers, a patch and two different colors of vinyl and all for $15?! And only 300 copies. Wait, are you serious? Yes, well the label has only a few spare copies remaining and well, hey, you don’t really want to blow it, do you?

Fifteen bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click on some of the random links above and listen to a live Dove gig and a few demos. Yes, you’re welcome.