Don’t Make Us Kill (Again)! Less Than Four Weeks To Go!

Hey everybody! We’re almost at the half way point of the Kickstarter fund-raising campaign and have officially reached five digits. So to those who have contributed, a hearty thank you.

If I could personally make a request of those that have helped or have shown interest in The Indie Cred Test, please help spread the word. Although it doesn’t seem like much, a Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr posting means a lot more than you think. So cut and paste and realize you’re helping finance one of the top twenty projects on Kickstarter that has the words "Indie" and "Test" in its title.

More videos and insanity to be coming down the pike as crunch time approaches.

To those who have yet to contribute, what are you waiting for?! I mean, really. You can get a book! And in this economy, who doesn’t like to read?!