Dear New Turntable Owner…

Welcome to the world of the vinyl LP. We are so very glad you’ve come by to try us out.

Here are a few tried and true guidelines to keep in mind when unpacking and jump starting your new wax hobby.

1. SLOW DOWN. Read your instruction manual and follow it like the law. It is.

2. Retain ALL packaging and paperwork (this includes the carton it came in, ya know, everything).

3. LP’s ARE NOT, I repeat NOT like CD’s. They require the physical touching of a surface to produce the desired sound.

4. Therefore, treat the turntable with kid-gloves (i.e. be gentle). They are not computers or iPods. Patience people, patience.

5. Know your player (and system) before you tinker with your system (or player)…again, manual, manual, manual.

6. If there is an "issue" please don’t jump to the conclusion that it is your new turntable. It is very likely your "set up" – meaning how you have engaged the turntable with your receiver, speakers, etc. By the way, you need a receiver and speakers to go with your new turntable. That’s "the system".

7. If you have a belt-drive (likely) touch the belt as infrequently as possible. Should be a ONE-TIME thing.  (Again, read your instructions.)

8. Do not EVER manually move the turntable plate around and around yourself. This will burn your motor out, screw up your speeds and is just kind of dumb.

9. Turntables are delicate and the type record stores sell are NOT made for DJ’s looking to "scratch things up" and "drop beats". Push play, listen to record. Flip over, repeat.

10. It is not a great idea to play really beat-up scratchy LP’s on your turntable, as fun as that may sound, this may chip your needle. That is costly.

…and lastly: SLOW DOWN. Read your instruction manual and follow it like the law. It is.

Thanks and enjoy the old exciting world of the vinyl LP record!

And lastly, they’re not called "vinyls".