David Wm. Sims Gots A Blog!

I was recently directed to Mr. Sims’ blog and it’s a real treat. Check it out here.

What I’ve found most entertaining is the entry about Scratch Acid’s breakdown as to where and when they played along with how much they were paid per show. And the final page is a break down of how much each member made per year? Jesus, it’s like Sims should’ve become an accountant. Oh wait, he did!

Word has it that The Jesus Lizard has already started rehearsing this last week in Nashville which is fitting seeing as how I’ll be there next week to record Brian Posehn’s new album. Check it out!

And as a special treat, here’s one of two Peel Sessions The Jesus Lizard did. This one’s from 1991 and is, in a word, stellar.

Have I told everybody here yet how excited I am about this reunion?

This is a level of meticulousness usually reserved for drummers!

The Jesus Lizard – Wheelchair Epidemic (Peel Session 2/91)

The Jesus Lizard – Bloody Mary (Peel Session 2/91)

The Jesus Lizard – Seasick (Peel Session 2/91)

The Jesus Lizard – Monkey Trick (Peel Session 2/91)