David Lee Roth: A Loveable Buffoon

Ah, it’s Friday, it’s 4:20 as I type this (no kidding) and I’m ready to have a nice, relaxing weekend. Nothing puts me in a better mood than listening to Van Halen, but nothing puts me in a betterer mood than listening to hilarious David Lee Roth stage banter.

Ah…..the flexible Diamond Dave….

Now sure, Chunklet blew the lid on the whole US Festival ’83 debacle, but Diamond Dave’s been servin’ up his particular brand of goofball for ages. And this recording of Van Halen at the beginning of their 1979 world tour only reaffirms that DLR might not be Charlie Chaplin, but at least he’s a low-rent one-man Abbott and Costello.

Ah, maybe one day this clip will make it on a Brian Turner "Shut Up & Play" compliation CD to which every live banter clip should aspire.

Van Halen – Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love (Live in Fresno ’79)