CRAPHOUND! Clipart Extravaganza! Get It Now!

The 90’s were a good time for zines. Hell, I remember many would come out per month! Feminist Baseball, Wind Up, Bunnyhop…..the list is endless. At least to my geeky brain.

One of the biggest rushes was when the new Craphound would come out. In a time before I became a graphic designer, I’d snag these mags up and just marvel at how they looked. Craphound, to those who are new to it, is a fanzine entirely made up of clip art. Yes, clip art. And this issue’s theme is ‘Church and State’ which is such a broad topic, that this is only part one of a two part issue. Exciting!

Here’s a sample…..

And now in 2008, when magazines are shitting the bed in record numbers, it gets me giddy as a little school girl to see a new issue of Craphound come down the pike. I can’t possibly stress enough how great Sean Tej’s work in Craphound is, but it’s something both special and incredibly important.

Buy it here.