Comedians of Comedy – Washington

We drove straight from Chapel Hill to Patton’s parents house out near Reston and then went to the hotel. Had killer sushi (see previous post) that night and then hung out w/Brian in his hotel room watching stupid television and eating pizza.

Morgan and Eugene waiting outside the Palm, WDC.

The next day we met up with Patton’s parents and went to the Palm. Had a Gigi salad which I’d never heard of before and tons of lump crabmeat.

Patton and his parents. The Palm, WDC

The show was awesome as have all shows on this tour been. The owner of the Black Cat was in one of my favorite DC bands, Ignition, and was generous enough to give me a copy of their flexi-disc given out at their 100th show. I’m a lucky boy. Mad props to Paul, Ann, Dennis and Dante for a kick ass night. After the show, we piled into the van and drove to Philly so Brian could do radio in the morning. It was a rough drive. Didn’t get in until 6.

Sold out? Damn right! Every damn night.