Comedians of Comedy – The long drive home

Every tour that’s not on the West Coast ends with me driving the van from the last show to Georgia. Y’see, although you’d think that you could easily rent a one-way van, it’s actually next to impossible. So if we end in Chicago or Martha’s Vineyard, the comedians are taken to airports, train stations or whatever, and then I march home with an empty van and plenty of silence.

A typical view of New Jersey

I’m definitely hit with a sense of empty nest syndrome, but it’s also great to have a bit of silence even though it’s mixed with 3 days of driving non-stop to get home. Just mind-numbing driving mixed with countless bottles of Diet Pepsi, Pop Tarts and an occasional pee break. God, I can’t wait to be back in the South.

And here’s how I feel when in Jersey…..

Tonite I have an Overrated Tour Party in Baltimore sponsored by Atomic Books and then I hopefully catch up with the Magnolia Electric guys tomorrow in Richmond. Possibly get to meet Pen Rollings finally….. And tonite? I get to sleep at my mom’s house!