Comedians of Comedy – Louisville

Another few days have passed and I think I’m burned out. Long drives. No breaks. Then again, I guess as tour manager, that’s my job.

Brian smiling backstage at the Grog Shop, Cleveland

Cleveland was a great way of washing out the taste of Buffalo. Tiny room. Benson complaining. Brian and Patton talking about "the cleve". The staff were the most "rock" of this whole tour. Very road hard. Very nice.

Another long drive. This time to Louisville. I counted three times that Doug said that I was "a nobody". I guess comedians treat non-comedians as second class citizens, but his passive aggressive shit is getting on my nerves. I’ll be glad to watch him leave. Let the missing begin.

Then again, this was Brian, Patton and Doug in Louisville. I braved through 3 hail storms, two long ass traffic jams and still kept it together. An absolutely fantastic show with probably the best single malt of the entire tour. I’ll be sure to take that back with me to Georgia for friends.

The crowd in Louisville was very peculiar. Very drunk. Very…..Louisville.

Comedians of Comedy are looking for a sponsor, Glenlivet

After the show, we went to Cafe 360 and had all of them talk around me. Maybe I’m just ready to end the tour, but man, I’m  accustomed to being treated like a human being and not like…..I don’t know. A servant? The hired help? After eight tours, you’d think I could do better.

‘Roided out egos. Go figure.

Tour’s been great, but to be honest, I’m tired and ready to go home.

Then again, after Bloomington tonite, I have to start driving the van back to Boston. Yes, Boston. That’ll take 24 hours of straight driving. My flight to Atlanta leaves Friday morning. Yay.