Comedians of Comedy – Boston

Hot on the heels of two shows with Boris, one with Jesu and one with the Melvins, I leave
 for the next leg of the Comedians of Comedy tour. This time I fly up to Boston for our first show at the Roxy. The comedians are staying at the Liberty Hotel which is a recently converted prison in one of the richest parts of downtown. It pays to have a good travel agent.

The show tonite was at the Roxy and was a fantastic way to start off the tour except for the fact that we were up against game two of the World Series with the Red Sox in the game. For fear of sounding cheesy, the city was absolutely electric, but it didn’t seem to affect our show much. Patton closed the show by bringing a new comic (some kid named Ploof) onto the stage to do a few jokes. Not bad. Patton also spent a good bit of time talking about the herculean security guards that were keeping our backstage safe. Absolutely enormous guys. Patton’s main observation was that it seemed like a case of reverse Darwinism where these fine human specimens were protecting his doughy ass. The gutards really seemed to like it.

Brian gettin’ down on the way to Hartford…

Immediately after the show, we head to Hartford without Patton and the next morning head on to Dickenson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Horrible traffic the whole way. So bad, in fact, that we went directly to the show and go tthere just in time for doors. My mom, sister and one uncle decide to make the 20 mile trek up to see me which was a great treat.

The show was in a school lecture hall which was certainly one of the more peculiar venues we’ve ever done. The one thing that was odd to all of us is that it was the first COC show that Patton wasn’t attending. Still, the show was surprisingly good. Fun crowd. After the show, we immediately made our way back to Harrisburg to our hotel to get some sleep before heading to NYC in the AM.

Congrats Maria! Guest of the Day!

The only other funny thing is that Maria was granted "Guest of the Day" status at our hotel which basically meant she got a free bottle of fizzy water. Good times.