Circus Lupus ’90 Demo (#2)

To every part one is the part two, and here it be, McGee. The second part of the Circus Lupus demos from 1990. Although the tape was originally from the legendary Chris Thomson tape dump from last year, I had a better version of this tape courtesy of my old pal Mark Stelmach.

This is, from my estimation, the band’s first ever recordings when they were still in Madison, Wisconsin with Reg Shrader (later of Seam) on bass. I’m 99.9% sure that this is the session that produced the band’s first single on Cubist Productions outta Pittsburgh.

Really not much else to say. If you’re a Circus Lupus fan, you’ve gotta have this (much like the Monorchid or Skull Kontrol mp3s I’ve posted). But hey, this stuff just finds me. I’m merely offering this stuff up, and you know what? I’m happy to share.

Circus Lupus – Cat Kicking Jerk (8/90 demo)

Circus Lupus – Chinese Nitro (8/90 demo)

Circus Lupus – Deviant Gesture (8/90 demo)

Circus Lupus – Kansas City Bomber (8/90 demo)

Circus Lupus – Marbles (8/90 demo)

Circus Lupus – Tightrope Walker (8/90 demo)

Circus Lupus – Mean Hot Blessed (8/90 demo)

Circus Lupus – Pulp (8/90 demo)

Circus Lupus – Thermo King (8/90 demo)