Circus Lupus ’90 Demo (#1)

Yes. I know. Another one of those "Holy shit!" moments from going through Chris Thomson’s tape archive which, thankfully, landed on my doorstep a couple months ago. And the only other part of the "Holy shit!" is that this is just one of TWO 1990 sessions by Circus Lupus that I have. The other is from August and will be unleashed at a later time.

The ironic thing, however, is that this version of the demo comes from an old tape trading buddy, Mark Stelmach, who had a significantly better fidelity version than Chris’s. So for that, thank you Mr. Stelmach.

c Pat Graham. Chris Thomson w/Circus Lupus ’92

We only get four songs in this particular demo while the other one has eight (2 of which are on the Cubist single).

Circus Lupus’s records still sound as absolutely incredible now as they did back then, but for some reason I just could never get into their live show. Then again, the last time I saw them was at the 40 Watt with about 8 people (*GULP!*) so that might’ve had something to do with it.

Anyway, I think this is an incredible find and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do in posting it for your listening pleasure.

Circus Lupus – Cat Kicking Jerk (DEC90 demo)

Circus Lupus – Deviant Gesture (DEC90 demo)

Circus Lupus – Mean Hot Blessed (DEC90 demo)

Circus Lupus – Pulp (DEC90 demo)