Chunklet Staff’s Top 10’s (or whatever) of 2013 – Part Finale

Ben Johnson’s Top Lists:
Top Regular Things I Liked:
Purling Hiss – Water on Mars
Brotman & Short
Exhaustion – Future Eaters
Human Eye
Spray Paint – s/t
Cuntz – Aloha
Life Stinks – s/t

Things I Actually Loved But Not As Much As Previous Things By The Artist, So It’s Like They’re A Dud Even Though They’re Totally Not:
Ty Segall – Sleeper
Thee Oh Sees – Floating Coffin
Fuzz (the band)

Things I Listened To Again At The End Of The Year And It Turns Out I Enjoyed Them More Than I Thought I Did:
The Holydrug Couple
Jacco Gardner

Top Last-Minute Late December Things That Would Skew People’s Lists With A Recency Bias If Anybody Was Still Paying Attention:
Angkor Wrack LP
Lovely Legs 7"

Top Regular Reissues:
The Clean – Vehicle
Martin Rev
King Tuff – Less Than $75 To Hear "Sun Medallion" On Vinyl Whenever I Want

Top "not gonna pretend I knew about or was into this the first time around" Reissues:
Afflicted Man
Death Trip

Top Things I Did Not Get A Chance To Listen To Because I Am Not Made of Money But Would Probably Love If I Did:
Gap Dream
Mikal Cronin
Devo Hardcore Demos

An Embarrassing, Exhaustive and Disorganized List of Records That I Bought During 2013 (Some Which Might’ve Actually Come Out Before This Year) by Henry Owings

Basic CableI’m Good To Drive (Permanent)
Billy BaoBuildings from Bilbao (Burka for Everybody)
Black BugReflecting the Light (HoZac)
Blind ShakeKey To a False Door (Castleface)
Bowl EtherealFive Minutes (self released)
BrainbombsDisposal of a Dead Body (Skrammel)
Buck Biloxi/Legendary Wings-Split (Pelican Pow Wow!)
CaveThreace (Drag City)
Cellular Chaoss/t (UGExplode)
Counter Intuitss/t (Pyramid Scheme)
CuntzSolid Mates (Homeless)
DasherYeah I Know (self released demo)
Destruction Unit-Void (Jolly Dream) & Deep Trip (Sacred Bones)
DiätEveryday 7" (Iron Lung)
DisappearsEra (Kranky)
Double Dagger333 (Thrill Jockey)
Endless BoogieLong Island (No Quarter)
Endless Bummer-7" (In The Red)
Enjoy The Experience: Homemade Records 1958-1992 (Sinecure)
Ex-CultMister Fantasy 7" (Goner)
Fuzzs/t (In The Red)
GoatStonegoat/Dreambuilding 7" (Sub Pop)
His Electro Blue VoiceRuthless Sperm (Sub Pop)
HoaxLP (self released)
Holly HuntYear One (Roofless/Other Electricities)
Kitten ForeverPressure (Guilt Ridden Pop)
LiberezSane Men Surround (Self released)
ManateesCat Food 7" (Pelican Pow Wow!)
Mikal CroninMCII (Merge)
MugstarCentralia (Self released)
ObitsBeds & Bugs (Sub Pop)
ObnoxCorrupt Free Enterprise (12XU)
Old BabyLove Hangover (Karate Body)
PontiakInnocence (Thrill Jockey)
Raspberry BulbsDeformed Worship (Blackest Ever Black)
RunningVaguely Ethnic (Castle Face)
Satanic RockersFu Kung (Alberts Basement)
Spray Paints/t (S-S)
Survival Knife-both 7"s (Kill Rock Stars & Sub Pop)
The Mantles
Long Enough to Leave (Slumberland)
The Pamperss/t (In The Red)
The ReadymadesI’m a Man, I’m a Flower (Mt. St. Mtn.)
The Ukiah DragJazz Mama Is Cryin’
Tony MolinaDissed and Dismissed (Melters)
True Sons of ThunderStop and Smell Your Face (Goner)
WhoresClean (Brutal Panda)
Women’s Work6 (self released)

Recommended Reissues from 2013 by Henry Owings:
Cosmic Psychos-Goner/Aarght! reissues
Scorched Earth PolicyGoing Through a Hole in the Back of Your Head (Siltbreeze)
The Hugh Beaumont ExperienceThe Cone Johnson EP (Cheap Rewards)
TeengenerateGet More Action (Crypt)
New Bomb TurksDestroy Oh Boy and the 10" (Crypt)
Primitive Calculatorss/t/The World Is F*cked (Chapter Music)
RodanFifteen Quiet Years (Quarterstick)
Anything on Superior Viaduct