Chunklet Releases Exclusive Vinyl Single by Chicago Legends: TAR

Tar. The Chicago four-piece packed it up after a set at the Lounge Ax in 1995. And here, seventeen years later, they’re returning to perform this summer at the PRF BBQ in Chicago. To honor the occasion, Chunklet Industries and Tar are proud to bring you a limited 7" featuring two previously unreleased songs. "Feel This" and "Hell’s Bells" were recorded during the Over and Out sessions and have been unheard since. "Feel This" is practically two Tar jams crammed into one (and that very well may be the case) and yes, "Hell’s Bells" is an AC/DC cover complete with service desk bell. Much like the magicicada, Tar is back for now. But get in on it now or you’ll have to wait another seventeen years.

Read an early (glowing) review over at Still Single.

Tom, Whitney and Marc use the Winger, 1993

Production details:

Two exclusive, previously unreleased tracks from 1995’s Over & Out sessions.

Cut direct to lacquer by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service

Download code for 320kbps MP3 and FLAC files included

Limited to 300 sellable copies worldwide

Purchases from the Chunklet site include a free pack of Tar matches.

Aluminum guitars sound best.

(paypal is also available)