Chunklet Invades NXNE (Again)

The folks at NXNE loved us so much last year they’re having us back again! And yes, this line up in Toronto is a scorcher!

Friday June 18

Mudhoney (from Seattle) (1AM)
Man…Or Astro-Man? (from Sector Z6-GLX) (Midnight)
Wussy (from Cincinnati) (11 PM)
Poison Arrows (from Chicago) (10 PM)
Twin Stumps (from NYC) (9 PM)
Brutal Knights (from sunny Toronto?!) (8 PM)

7:30 doors

Legendary Horseshoe Tavern

c Jeff Kleinsmith/Patent Pending Industries (Chunklet Hearts Him!)

In addition to this incredible show on Friday. Please get ready for the panel action the next afternoon….

All The Other Panels At NXNE Are Wrong. Here’s Why.
2:30 – 3:30 pm (Saturday June 19) Regency D
Great. So you just blew a week’s pay to see some lousy band and even lousier panels over a weekend in Toronto. Way to go! But fear not NXNE‘er, sit back and watch as two industry veterans with literally several years of experience between them explain why every other panelist at this conference couldn’t find their way out of a dark closet with a flash light. Do you find this is offensive? It’s probably because you are either a panelist (likely) and/or you take yourself and the music business far too seriously (very likely). There’s the distinct possibility of full-on adult nudity. For the sake of the authorities, those under 18 must be escorted by a guardian holding a box of Tim Horton’s doughnuts (for the panelists).

Nick Flanagan (comedian/member of Brutal Knights)

Damian Abraham (Fucked Up/Polaris Prize winner (!!!))
Henry H. Owings (Chunklet Magazine/comedy record producer/author/heckler/dog lover)

Looking forward to yet another awesome weekend in Toronto. And you know what? I think my lovely wife will be tagging along! And also you know what? X, The Stooges and Les Savy Fav are ALSO performing. Get pumped!