Chunklet Auction to Benefit Haiti & Doctors Without Borders

Now, I don’t like being political (nor do I fancy Chunklet a political soapbox), but I saw the images this past week and was really upset. Then, once I saw and heard the right wing nut-jobs talk about how Haiti "deserved" it or "made a pact with the Devil," I decided it time to put my money where my mouth was and help.

Early in the week, I donated money out of my own pocket to Partners In Health, but by the end of the week, and a few more hours parked in front of the television later, I realized that wasn’t enough. So I did what anybody in my position would do: I dug through the Chunklet vaults to find things to sell for Haiti’s benefit.

Everything that I’m selling this week has been culled from my own personal collection. Some things I released, some things were never for sale and even more were things I either designed or worked on. Much of this I considered "rainy day" items and, well, that rainy day has sadly arrived for the country of Haiti.

I’m selling a rare version of the Melvins/Patton Oswalt 7" (only six copies with this particular color scheme exist!):

I’m also selling a personal copy of "The Giant Day" by The Olivia Tremor Control that I released fifteen years ago. Yes, one of the copies that Will, Bill, their respective girlfriends and yours truly colored at their house on Peter Street in the summer of 1995.

I’m selling SEALED copies of the Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band "Grow Fins" 2xLP sets that I designed over ten years ago. These are out of print.

There is also the "WHIRLYBALL" edition of the ‘Let’s Stay Friends’ LP by Les Savy Fav. There’s only 70 or so copies of this and this particular copy was opened strictly to show the color.

There’s a CD by the Velvet Underground’s John Cale that I designed and had signed by Mr. Cale at his performance at the 40 Watt in Athens, Georgia some five years ago. (I’m selling another CD he signed as well!)

And here’s a test pressing edition of FIVE of the legendary Ted Leo/Zach Galifianakis split single. This is my last copy.

I’m also selling several Harvey Milk, Oblivians, Deerhunter and Black Lips rarities so be sure to check it out. And remember, a little bit of money goes a LONG way with these non-profits so every bit helps.

Hopefully this might also spur a couple of you into diving into your own "stash" to help those who, let’s face it, have NOTHING. Proceeds go to benefit Doctors Without Borders with their rescue efforts in Haiti.

If none of these goodies interest you, I still strongly urge you to donate to DWOB, the American Red Cross or any non-profit as they’ll truly know what to do with your money.

Okay, that’s enough.