CHUNKLET 15 Day 2 (part 1)

Day 2 was one of the most surreal days of my life. Getting one of my best buddies (Brian Posehn) to play with another group of best buddies (Mastodon) was a dream come true! And at the 40 Watt? One of the best clubs on the planet? Come on. That’s a no brainer.

It’s Casual @ 40 Watt, c Mike White

First up was LA heavy hitters It’s Casual who flew in just for the occasion. I have Billy to thank for turning me onto them, but holy mackerel, were they a blast!

Brian Posehn @ 40 Watt, c Mike White

Seeing as how I had Brent for the entire weekend, I had him do a set before  Posehn and it went well. Brian was recording his set to use for his next record and it went super well! The crowd was, for the most part, very rowdy and supportive.

Brian Posehn @ 40 Watt, c Mike White