CHUNKLET 15 Day 1 (part 1)

So many of you are probably wondering why it has taken two weeks to get a wrap up of the Chunklet 15th anniversary up on the website. Well, in a nutshell, things have been kinda nuts. In a bigger nutshell though, I had a house full of guests for a week, had 1100 (!!!??!!!) orders to fill and to top it off, we were broken into the day of the Deerhunter show and had 3 attempted break-ins the following week. So let’s just say that things have been "on edge," shall we?

So the first night had my buddy Pete (who was visiting from England) and I mosey up 316 to Athens. In light of the earlier burglary, Sarah decided to stay home with friends and the dogs. Pete and I had dinner with a gaggle of folks from Atlanta including the kids from Gentleman Jesse and his Men. As I scanned the Grit, I realized that there were enough of the Carbonas in the room to do an impromptu set at the beginning of the night. So seeing as how Pete was visiting and had never seen the Carbonas before, I threw the suggestion out to Jesse and 10 seconds later, it was locked in. Bonus!

The Carbonas @ The 40 Watt ’08, c Mike White

The Carbonas played sloppy but as fantastic as always. Short set. Possibly 6 songs. 12 minutes (I timed it!). Download their set here. (Thanks, Sloan.)

Gentleman Jesse and his Men were next and are sporting a new line up which means that there are 100% more shirts on the bass player while they’re on stage which is a-ok to me.  Download their set here.

Twin Tigers were great, but I spent most of their set talking to my wife out in front of the club comforting her and making sure that she was okay back in Atlanta. Burglaries do weird things to couples. Trust me on that. Here’s their set. (Thanks again, Sloan.)

Gentleman Jesse @ The 40 Watt ’08, c Mike White

Having Brent Weinbach perform was quite a thrill, to be honest. When Deerhunter and I were going through the list of potential comedians to perform with them, Brent was at the top of the list. And you know what? I think it was a perfect fit. His nonsensical and dry delivery went well. Like white wine with duck or some shit. He joins a very distinguished list of comedians (Patton, Cross, Zach, Behrendt, et al) who’ve done Chunklet anniversary shows. Thank you, Mike.

See all the photos here. Thanks, Mike.

Brent Weinbach @ The 40 Watt ’08, c Mike White