Chunklet 13th Anniversary – Harvey Milk

I’m sure seems like a never-ending shrine to the greatness that is Harvey Milk, but whatever. It’s my party, I can do what I want. 

Harvey Milk – Athens ’06 (photo by Ryan Russell)

Of course, flying Harvey Milk in to play 3 shows together this past weekend was a crowning achievement. A headlining show at the Drunken Unicorn (mp3s below provided by Southern Shelter), and two shows opening up for The Big Melvins with Yow? I mean, duh. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to see that?

Two bummers, though. Number one, I didn’t get the chance to see the Atlanta show because I was too busy at the 40 Watt show I had that night with Zach and Patton seventy miles away in Athens. I heard the show was awesome, but surprisingly not that well attended. So bizarre, but I did hear that Celtic Frost was playing a block away. Anybody’s guess…

Harvey Milk – Athens ’06 (photo by Ryan Russell)

The second bummer is that while en route to the Whirlyball show in Roswell, the van carrying Kyle, Stephen and a couple of friends got in a terrible collision on 316. The good news is that nobody was hurt, but the bad news is that Harvey Milk were in no shape to perform which is a crying shame.

Even though the band’s barely been back a year, things are already changing. It’s looking like Paul is leaving the band to become a daddy, Kyle Spence will more than likely rejoin the band and there’s rumblings of (gasp!) Joe Preston joining as well. Let’s see what happens….. Knowing how the band operates, I’ll believe it when I see it, but I just want to see them perform and get out there as much as possible. The world needs them now more than ever.

Harvey Milk – Athens ’06 (photo by Ryan Russell)

Harvey Milk – I’ve Got A Love (Atlanta ’06)

Harvey Milk – War (Atlanta ’06)

Harvey Milk – Crush Them All (Atlanta ’06)

Harvey Milk – Instrumental (Atlanta ’06)

Harvey Milk – Love Swing (Atlanta ’06)

Harvey Milk – Old Glory (Atlanta ’06)

Harvey Milk – Mother’s Day (Atlanta ’06)