Carbonas & The Black Lips – Atlanta 11/11/06

Now is a very magical time in Atlanta. That is, when I’m around to enjoy it. There was a time when I first moved here at all the bands from Athens were stars and Atlanta had jack shit. That is, Atlanta never had bands that were cool. Sure, there’s been countless shit-splat bands that get all over the radio, but who gives a shit about that?

photo courtesy of Carbonas’ myspace page

Legends are started by bands that have record collectors in a fuss. And at the new Lenny’s, two of those bands ended a night of Atlanta’s best and brightest. I guess I sometimes go under the assumption that those not from Georgia are a bit more tapped into what’s going on here than the people that actually live here. Case in point.

photo courtesy of DryInk Magazine

The Carbonas and The Black Lips are both perched on the crest of greatness. And who can blame them? Seeing these bands for the umpteenth time never gets old, but it certainly is a bit odd to see how the crowds seem to be changing. Or rather, how there’s actually crowds to appreciate them. I guess you can call that "change". The Black Lips have been touring relentlessly through the last few years, but it wasn’t until they toured with King Khan that I think they switched from slop rock to truly fucked up savants on a mission from God. I’m still of the believe that the "O, Katrina" single might be one of the best records released in the new millenium. Then again, I only buy a couple hundred seven inches per year….what do I know?

And the Carbonas? Well, it’s singles like this, and this, and this along with an absolutely stellar recent full length on Raw Deluxe have kept my record player from collecting dust. On this recording, check out their version of "September Girls" by Big Star and the lovely in between song chatter. These boys are nothing if not total fuck-ups…..and I love them for it.

Am I crazy or is Atlanta in a total rock’n’roll renaissance right now?

There’s a slew of other bands to fuss over from here (The Frantic, Beat Beat Beat, Deerhunter, The Selmanaires, etc.), and I’ll try to get to them all in due time, but for now, please bear with me. This’ll have to do for now. Turn it up, and love the crudeness of it all.

Carbonas – Atlanta ’06

Black Lips – Atlanta ’06