Capitol Punishment For Capitol Offense (The Band)

I pre-apologize for this one, but I just can’ resist that rare oozy grey area where bad politics and bad music intersect. Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas and Rebuplican presidential hopeful, has been getting the boys in the band in shape for the less-than-a-percent of the vote he will receive. The name of the band is Capital Offense, and as far as I can tell, the only song they do is an ass-blistering version of Steppenwolf’s "Born to Be Wild."

Ever since Clinton busted his best Lisa Simpson sax-stylings on the Arsenio Hall show, candidates have felt inclined to kick out their novelty hobbies just to show you they don’t have to keep their day jobs. A lot of candidates hunt, but I’m not sure I count hunting as an occupation. No matter, as long they have that extra little pop rock sizzle for C-SPAN clips, who gives a fuck. Canidates be warned, this can indeed backfire as seen with John Kerry ruining his’04 by throwing baseballs and footballs like a complete pussy.

Recall his embarrassing attempt to wing out the first pitch at a Yankees-Red Sox game, where he tossed like a girl having her first period from halfway to the home plate. Obviously aiming for an ant bed, he threw a complete dirt ball, and then blamed the National Guardsman who was trying to catch the wild pitch, claiming that he had eased up and thrown a change-up because he was afraid the vet may have a bit of the ole shell-shock.

Anyway, I’ll let you judge for yourself how right Huckabee, the conservative slap ‘n’ pop master, fares on what I like to term as the "hobby bump." Here is one of many versions of Capitol Offense doing the BTBW. This one comes from Pop-Up Video and is kind of annoying but you know the drill.

Oh, I’m not a bass player, but is he playing a Kawai bass through a GK head with a Carwin cabinet? I want to get a Mike Huckabee gear list posted so please help me if you are a bass geek.