Brian Walsby + Melvins = Manchild 3

Ah yes, our good buddy (and Chunklet contributor/illustrator) Brian Walsby has his third book coming out at the end of this month! And in honor of this, is selling a box or so of them before they’re sure to sell out.

Buy it here.

dat’s da covah….

Along with Manchild 3, Brian also has the good fortune to be able to release a CD collection of previously unreleased Melvins recordings entitled the "Makin’ Love" demos from 1987. I’ve not heard them yet, but Brian’s taste in jams runs pretty similar to mine, so I’m sure they’re fantastic.

And for a guy that’s drummed with Ryan Adams and Polvo (not to mention the shockingly awesome hardcore act Double Negative), his illustrations offer a more nerdy/awkward glimpse to music and life that is rarely seen by these eyes. However, I should also add that I don’t read many comics…..I leave that to my wife. And Patton. And Brian. That’s how I roll.

Buy the book now, or regret it later.