Black Lips Whirlyball II Recap

Ah yes, the Black Lips whirlyball show sequel! A marvelous time was had.

Cole from The Black Lips, cStevie Brown

Stellar performances by all. Coffin Bound! The Baby Shakes! Gentleman Jesse and His Men! And yes! The Black Lips even kicked out "You’re Dumb" towards the end of their set! And the show takes Team Chunklet’s tally to 42 and 0.

All I know is that I need to purchase more whirlyball scoops seeing as how mine are completely destroyed from extreme use. Oy.

I’m including a few choice audio tracks from this past weekend recorded by Chunklet contrib and all-round good guy, Curt Wells. I tried to include mp3s of the songs each band actually did for the Whirlyball 7" which is available in limited supply. If we’re lucky, you’ll hear/see more of this show in the upcoming documentary about the Atlanta music "scene". Hooah!

Note: Listen to Jesse’s comments at the end of "I Don’t Want To Hear." Although I don’t particularly agree, he does make a very valid point for the merits of whirlyball.

Oh! And there’s the entire Black Lips show available for download at Southern Shelter which also has a slew of other great live recordings all done here in the fine state of Georgia.

Gentleman Jesse & His Men, cStevie Brown

Black Lips – You’re Dumb (Live at Whirlyball ’08)

Black Lips – Lean (Live at Whirlyball ’08)

Baby Shakes – What Can You Do? (Live at Whirlyball ’08)

Baby Shakes – Untitled (Live at Whirlyball ’08)

Coffin Bound – Is John Really Dead? (Live at Whirlyball ’08)

Gentleman Jesse and His Men – Connection (Live at Whirlyball ’08)

Gentleman Jesse and His Men – I Don’t Wanna Know (Live at Whirlyball ’08)