Bitch Magnet “Ho Cakes” demo ’87

Ah, Bitch Magnet.

I guess by this point, everybody knows I lived in Pittsburgh in 1990. But what many of you probably don’t know is that Pittsburgh was one of the few places that really WORSHIPED Bitch Magnet when they were actually still a band! For some reason, Nice Strong Arm is another band that stands out as one of those "only in Pittsburgh" bands that people there just adored. Ironically enough, countless Pittsburgh bands of the time showed their love of Soo Young & Co. Hurl, Karl Hendricks, Don Cabarello, Swob…. God, and that’s just off the top of my head.

So this last weekend I was digging around for that tape of the "fuck you clown" joke by Mr. O’Rourke and came across this tape that’s been in my collection for about twenty years give or take a year or so. I can’t recollect if this either drifted into my collection or if Soo Young sent it to me (it looks like his handwriting on the case), but either way, it’s here.

The Ho Cakes tape is certainly trashy and not nearly what the band became, but well, it’s great to hear more Bitch Magnet no matter what. I’d love to know if this was possibly recorded when the band lived in Decatur, Georgia. Who knows? Anybody?

I am trying to stay "on target" with a number of projects I’m working on this week, so blog time is kind of in short supply, but this should tide ya’ll over.

Bitch Magnet – Proxy (Ho Cakes ’87)

Bitch Magnet – Margaret Wallace Rd (Ho Cakes ’87)

Bitch Magnet – Garden City (Ho Cakes ’87)

Bitch Magnet – Fat Tuesday (Ho Cakes ’87)

Bitch Magnet – Curtain of Surprise (Ho Cakes ’87)

Bitch Magnet – Carnation (Ho Cakes ’87)

Bitch Magnet – Cantaloupe (Ho Cakes ’87)

Bitch Magnet – Bleedin’ Heart (Ho Cakes ’87)

Bitch Magnet – Sugar Plum (Ho Cakes ’87)

Bitch Magnet – She Made Up Her Mind (Ho Cakes ’87)