Being a Jack-A$$ Just Got a Whole Lot Pricier…

How weird, that just the other day I was saying to myself, “What would I spend to dress like the Kings of Leon?” Well, it’s a damn good thing I happened upon this most helpful article on the People magazine site (that’s a whole other kettle of jokes there). I’m so very glad we live in times where you can spend $108.00 on a fucking t-shirt, because one of the KOL’s designed it – meaning, “yeah, you can use our name to sell this shit to gullible nitwits who have Mom’s credit card." Want to wear a bomber jacket? Join the fucking Air Force. But this certainly won’t be the first of many bands, past and present, to start branching out into other fields of possible income procurement. I can see it now:

~The Poison Idea Fitness Set & Diet Plan
~The Ike Turner Memorial Women’s Shelter
~Vampire Weekend Bangs Only Hair Salon
~The Dan Deacon Summer Camp For Extra-Retarded Kids
~Rivers Cuomo Boxing Gym & MMA Academy
~The Morrissey "How To Pick Up Hot Chicks" Seminar

You get the idea. What’s the latest rumor you’ve heard of rock band diversification?

(All the KOL’s loyal subjects are now free to scream & yell at me as well. Why break tradition?)

To wash the taste out of your mouth, I’ve included a vid by The Jim Jones Revue (JJ = Thee Hypnotics, Black Moses), who better get their collective butts & record to the states PDQ (SXSW aside). They ain’t Kings, but that’s how it’s done kids.