Plus 1 Athens, Atlanta & Georgia (aka “What’s Been Going On At Chunklet HQ?”)

Man, I’ve got to learn to update this site more often!

I’m very proud to say that I’m now fully divorced, and moving forth with all vigor and speed to what has been attracting me, which is…….

While I was working on the Pylon box a year or so ago, I started thinking a book of Athens show flyers would be a good idea. And while I was at it, I thought to myself it would be just as easy to to a book of Atlanta while I’m working on Athens. And well, that started in May 2021.

Since then, I’ve personally scanned over 13,000 pieces. Yes. You read that right. To those wondering how I scanned everything, it was done by yours truly using pretty darned good equipment.

Plus 1 Athens seemed like the most obvious place to start, so in August 2021 I started the book. By late October, it was out and sold out of the first printing of 500 within 3 weeks.

The Athens book is a love letter to a city I will always call home. I got show flyers dating from 1967 to 2003 with essays from both Michael and Vanessa from Pylon, Arthur Johnson from the BBQ Killers with a foreword by Dave Schools from Widespread Panic and an afterword by Patterson Hood from Drive-By Truckers. I think I knocked it outta the park.

With the proceeds of the Athens book, I decided to upgrade my scanner. Now I’m a fully self-contained scanning machine. Except the machine part. That’s the scanner.

That’s a photo Stephanie took of me in North Georgia scanning original Brains posters from the 70s. Pretty sweet stuff.

Anyway, the Atlanta book is going to print (fingers crossed) this week. After that happens, I start on the state of Georgia. Yes, the whole state.

In the meantime, you might be asking “How does this affect me, Henry?” Well, simply put, what do you have to add to the collection? And this isn’t just Georgia. No, I’ve already started preliminary work on a book of Alabama and have been asking around in both Pittsburgh and Baltimore to begin a book of those cities. So if you’re a Chunklet fan, this is the direction I’ve been going in recently. Preservation. Gotta say, it’s fun.

That’s not to say I’ve not been putting out records and other nonsense. Silly! No, I’ve been doing that too! Go over to the Chunklet bandcamp site to see what’s up. During the pandemic I blew past 100 releases, so get with it.

Feel free to get in touch about anything. And again, sorry I didn’t update this thing for so long.

What’s Been Happening at Chunklet HQ?

I spend all of this money on a new Chunklet website, and I’ve been incredibly negligent in posting things. So here’s an update.

First off, I’ve released my very first single. Of my own stuff, that is. “Micro Impressions Volume 1” is available now on Bandcamp and will be in stores in the very near future. “Henry, what’s your first single?” That’s a good question!

“Micro Impressions Volume 1” is a collection of my one-second band impressions. Recorded live. About fifty of them. Imagine an issue of Chunklet crammed into a vinyl record. I wrote a ton for it and included approximately 100 (!!!!) reviews of the single which were all written by my friends. The sleeve was designed by Nolen Strals from Post Typography and is mighty fancy. There y’have it.

CHK7_025_LayoutREV-copy copy

I should also add that our long-time distributor, Carrot Top out of Chicago, folded. Although that’s bad news for us all, Chunklet was fortunately picked up by Revolver almost immediately after the news was announced. So for those that wonder where to get our releases…..well, Revolver. Ask for Bobo.

I’ve also been venturing more and more into releasing records by Georgia-based musicians because, let’s face it, things are downright bonkers here in town. The most recent releases have been by Omni (featuring two outtakes from their first LP on Trouble In Mind) and an EP by drag-dressin’ freaks The Material Girls. Both releases are fantastic.


I also got the crazy idea to release three lathe-cut singles by three Atlanta bands in one night. DiCaprio, Nag and Death Stuff. Even made a cassette collecting all three. Check it out!

Coming up is a full length LP by All The Saints, a single by The Gotobeds and a slew of split singles. One of the splits features Robert Schneider from the Apples in Stereo and Will from the Olivia Tremor Control. The band is called The Patient. Release date is late September. Stay tuned.

I also made some enamel pins because yolo.


That’s about it. Been working furiously and relaxing…uh, un-furiously. Until next time.

Not now. Not ever. This is not how my country acts.

Look, if you voted for this sociopath, I’m sure you had your reasons. However, one week into his illegitimate presidency, lives are being destroyed. America isn’t safe. The world isn’t safe. I’ll be damned if I will sit by idly and let this happen. Let history reflect that we, the majority, didn’t participate in this.

Shirts are being made and all proceeds go to benefit the American Immigration Council. Buy now.


The Apples in stereo’s Long Outta Print “Science Faire” Reissued by Chunklet

The Elephant Six collective’s family tree is beyond diverse. From The Olivia Tremor Control and Neutral Milk Hotel to Elf Power, Of Montreal, Beulah, The Minders and countless others. But don’t fool nobody, the very first vinyl release, the starting point for all that came after it was The Apples self-released EP in 1993. As with all of their material, it was recorded and produced by Robert Schneider.

The band released a subsequent single on the Bus Stop Label the next year and a peppering of split releases before their first full length, Fun Trick Noisemaker, which came out in 1995.


Long out of print, Science Faire collects the band’s very earliest material in the original format that all of these releases came out: on seven-inch vinyl!

Complete with posters, stickers and books, Science Faire is painstakingly reproduced exactly how they were originally. Each side of vinyl is stretched to their absolute limit with maximum times per side. Again, just like the originals. The third single (“Time For Bed”) also includes never before seen artwork by The Olivia Tremor Control’s W. Cullen Hart from back in the early 90’s. Additionally, the track “Onto Something” is included here which wasn’t included with the original release.

All three singles are housed in a special package created by Chunklet’s in-house designer Henry Owings.

Mail order copies will come on special colors of vinyl and a reprint of the very first Apples shirt.

A limited edition of 500. 

Also available on Bandcamp.

Pre-orders ship some time before Christmas (we hope).

We’re All In This Together. Except You. You’re A Dick. T-shirts back in print!

I’m not going to lie. This past week has been an absolute beast for me. You start thinking that the national narrative clearly wouldn’t veer towards a racist, homophobic, tax-dodging pig, but here we are with said pig a mere flick of the finger from the bomb. Thanks, America. You’ve really disappointed me. Anybody that’s not a rich white man should be ashamed of themselves for allowing a man who very openly hates all of us get the presidency. We went from a Harvard Constitutional Law professor to a reality show judge who marginalizes everybody. Congratulations, America. Or what is left of it.

In a genuine effort to keep my spirits up and my general level of malaise down, I’ve taken myself off social media which, to be honest, hasn’t been all that bad. However, in one of my last peeks into Facebook, I saw that my good pal Nolen Strals posted an image of his beaten up “We’re All In This Together” t-shirt which had to be over a decade old.



Now, to those who may remember, this design was entirely thought up back in the late 90’s by Mark Wasserman from Plinko in San Francisco. A wildly successful design for the time, I’ve decided to resurrect this shirt indefinitely in a vague way to cheer myself up amidst the steaming shit sandwich that our country will be forcing down our gullet for (at least) the next 4 years.

Every printing of this shirt has been on a different color, and no, I don’t remember which was the first, but I’ve made literally thousands of this shirt and it’s now available for sale on navy blue American Apparel 2001 shirts. Also! Every order comes with the design you all love printed on bright red vinyl stickers. Just like that.

And again, in an attempt to cheer myself up, I saw that Jeff from Wilco gave Chunklet a tip of the hat regarding this shirt. Surreal to have folk at that level notice what I’ve done, but so be it. Top of the world, ma!


Also available on Bandcamp.


Jerry Lewis’s The Day The Clown Cried

Often considered the apex of Jerry Lewis’s delusional search for comedy, the movie “The Day The Clown Cried” is the largest smear and/or question mark in his prolonged career. I’ve seen a script (it’s been widely circulated in Hollywood for years, often getting celebrity filled table reads at comedy clubs), and hoo buddy is it bad. Harry Shearer is the only person who has claimed to see it, and it will only be seen by us mere mortals some time in the 2040’s thanks to Mr. Lewis endowing it to the Library of Congress.


Elevator pitch of “Clown”: Jerry Lewis plays a clown that cheers up kids at a children’s concentration camp. Let that sink in for a second.

But now, some enterprising film buff has found 30 minutes or so of footage and has put it on line. I strongly recommend watching it now before it’s gone tomorrow.

Pylon “LIVE” 2xLP available now for pre-order

“Randy Bewley and Michael Lachowski’s simple lines display untoward rhythm and melody, respectively. Curtis Crowe bangs away so obdurately it’s hard to understand why he didn’t become rich. Vanessa Briscoe Hay barks and brays whatever incantatory phrases seem called for. Timeless. Cool.” Robert Christgau, Dean of American Rock Critics 

“[Pylon] stands as shockingly modern and unparalleled these many years later.”  Michael Stipe, R.E.M. 

1983 was a banner year for Pylon. The Athens quartet released their second album, Chomp, on Atlanta-based DB Records, toured the country extensively, and played several opening slots for then-up-and-comers U2. And then, without a hint of explanation, they quit. 

Their final show at the Mad Hatter in Athens, Georgia, was, as was always the case, a frenzy of minimal disco thud, post-punk guitar scree, and deliriously inspired howl. Oh, and dancing — always dancing — both in the crowd and on stage. The gig was recorded (both audio and video) for a failed PBS pilot called Athens Shows, and the tapes were put away and forgotten. That is, until now. 

Around three years ago, after Pylon’s DFA reissues hit the street, Chunklet CEO (and card-carrying member of the Pylon Fan Club) Henry Owings emailed the band bemoaning the lack of bonus material on the CDs, which sparked a larger conversation. “My favorite Pylon is live Pylon,” said bassist Michael Lachowski, with which Henry wholeheartedly agreed. Following a cordial sit-down at Michael’s apartment over the New Year’s holiday of 2015, an exhaustive search began for live recordings by Pylon. More specifically, live recordings from Athens in the early ’80s. Oh, and that sounded as good, if not better, than their proper full-length albums. 

Numerous dead ends followed, but finally, and somewhat fittingly, the multitrack recordings of Pylon’s final performance at the Mad Hatter in 1983 were unearthed. Once the tapes were transferred and subsequently mixed, the explosive and compelling sounds raised one very significant question: Why in the world did Pylon quit? 

For a band whose legacy, in their original incarnation at least, was two full-length albums and a handful of singles, Pylon were first and foremost a live band who weren’t as interested in working in a studio. Pylon’s raison d’être was performing for a crowd, and now there’s conclusive validation. 

Pylon Live is a double vinyl album recorded on the band’s home turf at the culmination of their powers, and the results could not be more stellar. An all killer, no filler set with nothing left on the cutting room floor, Pylon Live includes powerful versions of the Pylon canon from their first and second LPs and even the hard-to-find song “Party Zone” (previously available only on a DB Rec comp) and their never-before-released rendition of the “Batman Theme.” 

When compared to the band’s prior body of work, Pylon Live bookends all of it; some might even say it’s a better representation of this Athens quartet, who thrived on bouncing around on stage infinitely more than sitting in a studio. 

There’s little arguing that the Athens powerhouse trifecta of R.E.M., the B-52’s, and Pylon is peerless. And while all three bands have achieved great critical acclaim, only the first two had the commercial acclaim they deserved. Pylon Live intends to correct that. 

Pylon Live is being released on July 25, 2016, the birthday of deceased Pylon guitarist Randy Bewley, with release events scheduled for this summer in Atlanta and Athens. 

Pylon Live is for sale at, iTunes, Amazon, and wherever digital music is sold. 

Limited to 200 on magenta vinyl. 

Limited to 200 on clear vinyl. 

Unlimited on black vinyl.

Athens, Georgia Legends Pylon Release Two Live Tracks in Anticipation of Double LP!

At the height of their powers, Pylon performed their final show at the Mad Hatter in their hometown of Athens, Georgia in the winter of 1983.

Two enterprising gentlemen professionally filmed and recorded this show as a pilot for a potential Austin City Limits-style show called “Athens Shows,” but quickly abandonned the project. Shelved and forgotten about for over 30 years, this single marks the first newly released Pylon since the early nineties.

The sounds of Pylon are nothing new to hardcore fans, but this propulsive and powerful recording will be sure to keep you dancing and waiting in blissful anticipation for their double LP “Live” which will be due out on Randy Bewley’s birthday in late July.


CHK7010 copy


First newly released Pylon in over 25 years

Live show professionally recorded

Mixed by Derek Almstead

Mastered by Drew Crumbaugh

Design by Pylon bassist Michael Lachowski

Cut direct to lacquer at Chicago Mastering Service

Torche/Part Chimp split 12 Reissued!

Ten years ago, I (somewhat) intentionally started a love affair between London’s Part Chimp and Miami’s Torche. The Chunklet SXSW shindig that was held at Sound on Sound in north Austin was the place and the two bands were amidst 20 other bands, but clicked almost immediately. Back then, I suggested the two groups do a tour and a split release together and in 2011 it became a reality. The 12″ you see here arrived at the first show with not a day to spare. Fortunately, it sold out in a flash, but to this day I still have people ask where they can buy one even though I have a grand total of two copies to my name. Well, here you go. In honor of this stellar release and the (now scrapped) dates the two bands will be performing together in May, here’s a repress. 100 mail order copies come on clear vinyl.

Part Chimp turn in two scorchers, `Dr. Horse’ and `The Watcher’ while Torche send a love letter to the boys from Dayton and cover three Guided By Voices songs (`Exit Flagger,’ `Unleashed! The Large Hearted Boy’ and `Postal Blowfish’).

This was available only during the band’s tour up the East Coast in November and the Chunklet website for a limited time.


2015 Reissue edition of 300.

100 clear (only available here)

100 gold (available only from the bands)

100 black (distro)

released originally on 06 December 2011

TREVOR CLAXTON did the artwork.

NOLEN STRALS did the type and layout.

HENRY OWINGS put it all to bed.

Chunklet’s Best of 2014

ObliterationsPoison Everything (Southern Lord)

Hank Wood & The Hammerheads Stay Home (Toxic State)

Nots We Are Nots (Goner)

Raspberry BulbsPrivacy (BEB)

ExhaustionBiker (Aarght!)

The GotobedsPoor People Are Revolting (12XU)

The Blind ShakeBreakfast of Failures (Goner)

King BrothersHell Oh! USA (self released CD)

Good ThrobFuck Off (White Denim)

Frontier Folk NebraskaFFN (No Chaser)

The YoungChrome Cactus (Matador)

Reigning SoundShattered (Merge)

The Unholy TwoTalk About Hardcore (12XU)

Watery LoveDecorative Feeding (In The Red)

Sleaford Mods Divide and Exit (Harbinger Sound)

Protomartyr – Under Color of Official Right (Hardly Art)

WussyAttica! (Shake It)


Ukiah Drag Dirt Trip 7″ (Wharf Rat)

Deaf WishSt. Vincents 7″ (Sub Pop)

Video(Join The) Hate Wave 7″ (Total Punk)


Jack Ruby Hit & Run (only the good parts that weren’t wanky) (Feeding Tube)

CrimeMurder By Guitar (Superior Viaduct)

Georgia stuff

Night Cleaner Greensleeves (Geographic North) & live at 529

Circulatory System Mosaics Within Mosaics (Cloud)

Wymyns Prysyn Head In A Vice (State Laughter)

Ricer live at 529

The Rock*A*Teens live at Le Poisson Rouge

A Stunning Early Record by Thee Speaking Canaries Discovered!

Before he was known as the drummer/octopus of Don Caballero, Damon Che had a one-man project called Thee Speaking Canaries. At the beginning of the 90s, before he recorded his debut record “The Joy of Wine,” Damon Che composed and performed an entire record’s worth of material. Now, twenty four years later, we get to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Playing all instruments and with a creative zeal that’s part Sonic Youth and part Van Halen, “Platter Base” serves as an essential release for fans of the Canaries, Don Caballero or just plain guitar histrionics. Get in on it now, because it won’t ever be reissued.

Limited to 350 copies.


Grandfathered-In, In North Career

Winning Son (unvoxed)

She’s Been Ethereal

You Should Have Sang On This One (Snowman)

MCMXLVII Mitchum Dope

Toblewee Uslywus (unvoxed)

Unless We’re Not Martians


Intent To Honor With Substance and Very First Fruits of Produce (This is Fine)

Hall of Force

Aqua Snoot (No Lie Version)

Hope Ye All Learn From This


Cut direct to lacquer at Chicago Mastering Service

Download code included

Design by Chunklet’s own Henry Owings

Olympia’s Survival Knife (ex-Unwound) Get ‘Survivalized’ on Chunklet!

Olympia’s Survival Knife started out with a whalloping one-two punch of singles on Kill Rock Stars and Sub Pop last year which any/all discerning record buyer purchased. Hot off the heels of their blistering full length (Loose Power on Issac Brock’s Glacial Pace label) earlier this year, Survival Knife are back with a new release (Survivalized) just in time for their first east coast tour. Survival Knife’s sound embodies the fierce guitar work of Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno (both from the legendary Unwound) along with the husband/wife team of Kris and Meg Cunningham. Think Greg Ginn. Think John Reis. Think guitar rock. Plain and simple. “Thud of the Jackboot” bursts open five songs of unparalleled whoopass. Guitar rock in 2014. Admit it. You want it back. Now it’s time for Chunklet to have a piece of Survival Knife’s raw sturm und drang. Gorgeous front cover artwork by renowned sci-fi illustrator Trevor Claxton. Vinyl only.

Artwork by Trevor Claxton

Available on tour (with Pink Avalanche & Hungry Ghost):
Nov 14: Chicago @ Subterranean
Nov 15: Grand Rapids @ Founders Brewery
Nov 16: Columbus @ Double Happiness
Nov 17: Cleveland @ Grog Shop
Nov 18: Philadelphia @ Boot & Saddle
Nov 19: Washington @ DC9
Nov 20: Allston @ Great Scott
Nov 21: Pawtucket @ The Met
Nov 22: Brooklyn @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Side A
Thud Of The Jackboot
Tropic Of Chaos
Gold Widow (Alt Mix)

Side B
Lasso Or Noose
Roman Fever (Live)

Cut direct to lacquer at Chicago Mastering Service
Available on clear vinyl thru the Chunklet site and on red vinyl (exclusively) via the band on tour

Atlanta’s The Rock*A*Teens Release a Ltd. Live Double Album!

The perfect ‘best of’ collection from the undisputed kings of Cabbagetown! A twenty two track, double album featuring recordings from their first four full lengths performed live at the Star Bar during an extended residency in 1998 and 1999.

Professionally recorded, mixed and mastered
Limited edition of 300 copies
Download code includes bonus material

Digital available exclusively at Bandcamp

"Chris Lopez wrote some of the most eloquent, sardonic, romantic, and, well, basically the best rock and roll songs of the 1990s. His band wrapped them in a florid southern reimagining of 1950s garage rock that always sounded sloppily, scarily out of control and yet dead serious. The wild success the Rock*A*Teens deserved was instead deferred onto a generation of indie bands who weakly shuffled down the path the R*A*T’s blazed. This double LP offers a rare glimpse of them onstage in their hometown of Atlanta during an extended residency at the Star Bar. It’s wild, sloppy, hilarious, and dangerous, like the R*A*T’s themselves. I would tell you it has all of Lopez’s best songs on it but you’d need four more records for that."
—Will Sheff, Okkervil River

"The Georgia-based Chunklet imprint has compiled A Major Motion Picture, a superior double live LP that draws on earlier, rowdier material, including tracks from their best, 1999’s near-perfect Golden Time."
—Jordan Mamone, Time Out New York

"As we’ve mentioned in a bunch of other reviews, lots of our favorite bands are woefully under-represented on the aQ list, generally, it’s because those records predated the list, so when a record gets reissued, it’s often a chance to finally lavish praise on a record that’s been a favorite for years (or decades). In this case, it’s not a reissue, but instead a live record from Georgia garage punks the Rock*A*Teens, who are currently are covered on the aQ site by just a couple sentences about one of their records, which is really a shame, cuz we LOVE these guys. So until someone mounts the lavish, deluxe reissue campaign these guys and their incredible records deserve, we can revel in this sweat soaked high energy live set cobbled together from an extended residency at the Star Community Bar in Atlanta, between 1998 and 1999, courtesy of aQ pal and Chunklet mastermind Henry Owings, who continues to dig up incredible rarities (we’re still loving the recent Don Caballero record, and are hoping he’ll do a Bar-B-Q- Killers reissue, another legendary and underappreciated Georgia outfit), and incredible this is.
If you’ve yet to discover the Rock*A*Teens, imagine a swampy, reverb drenched, fifties style, garage rock rockabilly, filtered through something more modern, swaggery and dramatic, the same sort of gospel tinged swampiness of Woven Hand, but more rocking, feverish, loose limbed and wild. Brooding, sweat soaked, bloody knuckled, broken bottled, booze soaked, psychedelic blooze stomps and echo drenched slow burn ballads in equal measure, all whirring organs, reverb galore, buzzing distortion, wild tribal drumming, and stunning, timeless songwriting, all wound up into something gloriously gritty, grimy, ecstatic, cathartic, murky and emotionally charged. Just check out the samples and you’ll be sold. "Black Ice" might be one of our favorite songs EVER, in a body of work that has an impossible number of potential all time faves. Every record a stone cold gem, and this live set manages to transcend the limitations of the ‘live record’ and transports the listener to a dive bar in Georgia, lit with Christmas lights, packed with punks, this band crammed onto a little stage in the corner, conjuring up musical demons, and angels, and creating a gorgeous, noisy, heart breaking din. AWESOME. Includes a download too."
—Aquarius Records

OBNOX Release Raw, Hook-Filled 12″ titled “The Juke That Sat By The Door”

Sometimes the greatest moves are made in the spur of the moment. One semi-quiet day at Chunklet HQ, we hit up OBNOX mastermind Bim Thomas (also of Puffy Aereolas, This Moment in Black History, Bassholes, et al.) and asked if he ever wanted to release something under our moniker to keep it in mind. Thinking nothing other than  our love of his work on 12XU and countless other labels, we went about our day. Six weeks later, Bim turned in “The Juke That Sat By The Door” which is stuffed to the gills with Nox jams. Bim went back to the basement and knocked out pop gem after pop gem. F’rinstance, “Sit Yo Ass Down” is so damned hooky that the wife of Chunklet CEO Henry Owings hummed it thru the duration of their vacation this past spring. True story. This glorious 12” EP is yet another celebration of the ceaseless creative mind that Bim Thomas has been unleashing from Columbus, Ohio since the ‘90s. Limited to 450 copies. 50 on red vinyl (available only direct thru Obnox), 50 on clear vinyl (available exclusively thru Chunklet mail-order) and the rest on black.

Aug. 6-Ace of Cups 2619 N. High St. Columbus, OH.
Aug. 7-Backdoor 207 S. College St. Bloomington, IND.
Aug. 8- House Show @945 Morris, Indianapolis, IND.
Aug. 9-Mini-Bar 3810 Broadway St. Kansas City, MO.
Aug. 10-Replay Lounge 946 Massachusetts St. Lawrence, KS.
Aug. 11- 3 Kings Tavern- 60 S. Broadway Denver, CO
Aug. 12-Diabolical Records- 238 S. Edison St. Salt Lake City, UT.
Aug. 13- The Crux- 1022 W. Main Boise, ID.
Aug. 14-TOTAL FEST @ Zacc 235 North 1st St. W, Missoula, MT.
Aug. 16-The Aquarium 226 Broadway, 2nd Fl, Fargo, ND.
Aug. 17-7th St. Entry 701 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN
Aug. 18- House Show St. Paul, MINN.
Aug. 19-Mickey’s Tavern, Madison, WI
Aug. 20- Trumpet Blossom 310 E. Prentiss St., Iowa City, IA.
Aug. 21- Eronel Cafe 285 Main St., Dubuque, IA.
Aug. 22- Circle-A-Cafe 932 E. Chambers St. Milwaukee, WI.
Aug. 23-Wally World 5301 Belmont Ave. Chicago, IL
Aug. 24-The Owl 2521 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL
Aug. 25-Spot Tavern 409 S. 4th St. Lafayette, IN
Aug. 26-Ace of Cups 2619 N. High St. Columbus, OH
Aug. 27-Stone Tavern 110 E. Main St. Kent, OH
Aug. 29- Happy Dog 5801 Detroit Ave. Cleveland OH
Aug. 30-Roche Bar 405 Quay St. Port Huron, MI
Sept. 2- Comet 4579 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati, OH
Sept. 3-Pussy Palace, 1007 McKennie Ave, Nashville
Sept. 4-Pilot Light- 106 E. Jackson Ave. Knoxville, TN
Sept. 5-HOPSCOTCH FEST @Slims 227 S. Wilmington St. Raleigh, NC
Sept. 6-Worlds Famous 351 N. Hull St. Athens, GA. (Chunklet Record Release)
Sept. 7- The Earl 488 Flat Shoals Ave. SE., Atlanta, GA (Chunklet Record Release)
Sept. 8-Murphys Bar and Grill 1589 Madison Ave., Memphis, TN
Sept. 10- Howards Club H, 210 N. Main St., Bowling Green, OH
Sept. 13- Beachland Tavern 15711 Waterloo Rd. Cleveland, OH
Sept. 25-Ace of Cups 2619 N. High St. Columbus, OH
Sept. 26-CROPPED OUT FEST@ American Turners Club 3125 River Rd. Louisville, KY
Sept. 27-GONER FEST @Hi-Tone 412 N. Cleveland Ave., Memphis, TN
*Sept. 28-Nashville, TN
*Sept. 29-Dayton, OH
Sept. 30 Gooskis 3117 Brereton St. Pittsburgh, PA
Oct. 1- Annabells 784 W. Market St. Akron, OH

Hear some jams here.
UPDATE (13SEP14): Vinyl is sold out at Chunklet HQ. Try finding it at your local record shoppe!

Kraftwerk/Neu! on German TV 1970

I’ve been looking for the entire performance of this legendary group for twenty years and here, for the first time, we can all enjoy it. The early Kraftwerk with Klaus Dinger from Neu! on drums. MP3s included for extra enjoyment.

Kraftwerk – Stratovarius

Kraftwerk – Ruckzuck

Kraftwerk – Heavy Metal Kids

Kraftwerk – Improvisation 1

The Olivia Tremor Control’s 1997 BBC Peel Session Unearthed and Released by Chunklet Industries!

1997 was a big year for The Olivia Tremor Control. They were riding high on the release of their debut double album “Dusk At Cubist Castle,” and touring the world relentlessly. During a visit to the UK in March, illustrious tastemaker DJ John Peel requested the band to visit his studios to record for his radio show. Seventeen years later, “John Peel Session” is released.

“John Peel Session”
features a couple never-before-released songs amidst the three tracks. A radio session that has been officially licensed from the BBC, this is continued evidence of a band that is in further need of celebration.

I’m Not Feeling Human
Suite One:
Memories of Jacqueline 1906 / The Giant Day / Outer Themes / Green Typewriters
Suite Two: Frosted Ambassdor / Green Typewriters / The Princess Turns the Key to Cubist Castle / Looking for Meaning

First 200 copies available on clear vinyl
Red vinyl available exclusively thru Chunklet mailorder

Cut direct to lacquer at Chicago Mastering Service
Pressed at RTI
Officially licensed through the BBC
45rpm 12” record housed in a Stoughton tip-on jacket
Includes download code